Album: "Ignition" (2010/11)
01. Lost (prelude) - Instrumental

02. Look the Other Way

03. Shooting Star

04. The Arrival - Instrumental

05. Look At Me

06. Declaration of Insanity

07. Out of Tune

08. Never Letting Go (Tribute to Camel)
- Instrumental

09. Darkness

10. Lost

11. Bonus track - Sunrise Mists
- Instrumental

Album: "Ignition"

Words: BM
Music: BM


Sometimes you feel you're all alone by yourself
Trapped in the corner, you feel like someone else
You don't have to be lonely

Sometimes you feel like you just can't win this fight
But there's always someone there beside you
When things don't look so bright
There's no need to be on your own

Try to stay away
Before it gets too late
Don't let yourself betray
All of your life for some high times
You're holding the future in both your hands

One leads to a path that's likely to destroy you
All your hopes and dreams... gone away too
All you have to do is take the path that brings them back to you

You thought that self-control was something you'd never lack
But once the stuff gets right inside you, there's just no turning back
That's why you always need someone to hold on to.

Look the other way
You know it's not too late to try to stay away
Before it gets too late...

Don't throw it all away
Give up while you still can
Don't lead yourself astray
Don't waste all your life for some high times
You'd better stop now, while there's still a chance.

Just FIGHT for your life
Don't go and waste it
Take another road
You can make it!
It's the only chance you've got
So give up that shot... give up that shot

Album: "Ignition"

Words: LA & BM
Music: LA


Just thought you should know
I keep on dreaming
There's so much I don't know,
But keep believing
I look into my mind,
Can't see what is missing
Just this feeling inside
That burns me alive...

I've been trying so hard
I've taken my chances
I don't know where to start
an't find any answers
Never finding my way
It makes me feel helpless
I've been treading the dark
In search for light, for a spark
But the clouds never part
I need some warmth in my heart...

Just thought you should know
I keep on fighting
Still got nothing to show
and that feeling keeps hurting
All I do seems in vain
But I can't help yearning
Got to break this damned chain
Put an end to this pain

Restless and sad
I search for a meaning
Why am I always mad?
Is it this world where we live in?
Why do I find my life so unfulfilling?
Why do I complain?
Should be grateful I'm sane
Still, our lives suck the same
Who the fuck is to blame?

Reaching for a shooting star
No matter if it's near or far (but)
Just wishful thoughts won't do it
Go find a chance and learn that
It's not about the way things are

Just thought you should know
I'll keep on searching
For a way, still although
That old feeling keeps lurking
I found out through the years
There's no point in denying
For excuses sound lame
When your soul burns in flames

So stand up and fight
Get rid of that numbness
Bring out all your might
Let it conquer the darkness
Believe in yourself
Be wise and be fearless
You have to be strong
Cut the crap and move on
Find out where you belong
Things can't always go wrong!

Stand out! You're a shooting star (though)
Some say you'll never get too far
So build your chance and prove it
One of these days you'll make it
It's all about who you are

Believe it:
You're that shining star (still)
You might not do it without a scar
With your eyes closed, you'll see that
With your breath held, you'll feel it
Like a calling from afar...

Just thought you should know
I'll keep on dreaming...

Album: "Ignition"

Words: BM
Music: BM


I was born in the wrong part of the World
Betrayed at birth by my skin tone
"We'll give you food", at least that's what we're told
But I'm still barely skin and bone

Why the hell did Live Aid never work?
"We are the World" sounded so absurd

Those good intentions seem to spread all around the world
But that's all they've come to be...

Look at me
Don't try to deny what you see
See it with your real eyes
I'm sure you will realize all you've been told were nothing but big, real lies

Deprived of life,
pride, and might,
light to shine on our rivers

The years of fear and tears
hat smear the smile on our features

Deny the fact they took it back – their bravest act –,
They lack the guts to put an end to our misery

We're struggling to survive
And they don't give a damn
We're left to die alone in this so-called cradle of mankind.

You try to help us in vain
You just can't stop the profits they're making on our pain

Trying to fight against my own kind sounds so weird to me
Why can't you see, when you look at me, we came down from the same tree?

They say we're different kinds, that we are not the same
I say they've messed up your mind... and you were easy game

We're lab rats for them,
One more experiment.
Who gives a shit about our lives?

I can't understand, since we all bleed in red,
Who the hell are they to decide?

I think you must be blind
It's all in front of you
The truth ain't hard to find
Just get this message through

I'd like to think you're not all responsible for making these crimes possible
Just think about it
Can you really say you're not as accountable?
Our lives ain't disposable!

Look at me
Don't try to deny what you see
The things they want you believe
Are nothing but simple deceit
You just got to
See it with your real eyes,
surely realize
All you've been told were nothing but big, cruel, cold, unbelievable real lies.

Album: "Ignition"

Words: LA
Music: LA


News jingle:
Top News

Female anchor:
In the aftermath of World War Two, the United Nations proclaimed the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, in 1948. More than half a century later, the advances in several scientific fields, such as genetics or bioengineering, as well as in cutting-edge technologies, shaped a new reality.

Male anchor:
In fact, the World has witnessed the emergence of new beings that became an important part of everyday life in developed societies, and, as such, should see their rights recognised. In order to achieve this goal, some articles of the old Declaration were revised, and altered, to read as follows:

Female anchor:
"Whereas recognition of the inherent dignity, and of the equal and inalienable rights of all members of the human family and it's creatures, is the foundation of freedom, justice and peace in the world..."

Male anchor:
... all human beings, their creatures and their creatures' creatures, are born free and equal, in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience, or programmed with approved software, and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood".

Female anchor:
"Everyone is entitled to all the rights and freedoms set forth in this Declaration, without distinction of any kind, such as conception method, creation pending patents, natural or engineered ancestry, race, colour, sex, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, property, birth, or other status.

Everyone has the right to recognition everywhere,
either as a person, a superior GMO, a clone or a cyborg, before the law".

Male anchor:
"Lets now hear some reactions to this top story:"

The cautious guy:
"Hey, I'm all for scientific breakthroughs, but there's always a dark side..."

The shocked one:
"We now can choose our children's eye and hair colour before conception, or select if we want a boy or a girl. Don't you find this disturbing? How about letting nature take its course? It worked fine without our interference so far..."

The disbeliever:
"Think about it! Are GMO's really a good thing? Do they even know what they're doing? Or are we just guinea pigs for them?
Can we truly foresee the long-term consequences of these actions?"

The Prophet of Doom:
"Remember Dolly, the sheep? How many human dollies will already be out there, somewhere? Remember eugenic theories? Remember the ideal
super-soldier? Does any of this ring a bell?"

The cynical one:
First, bionic limbs. After that, artificial organs... I mean, it's just a matter of time before we have leaders with artificial brains"

The educated one:
"History has shown us, repeatedly, that Humanity simply lacks the wisdom to withhold such a power"

The pragmatic dude:
Listen, if it is possible and we don't do it, someone else will"

The constientious one:
"Yeah! Good excuse to do whatever we want to, no matter how irresponsible"

The concerned one:
I mean... we have to draw a line somewhere, don't we?"

D0 U RE4LLY TH1NK 50?"

Album: "Ignition"

Words: LA
Music: LA


Someone told us, long ago, an old sayin', out of fashion
Love ain't looking at each other, but both in the same direction
But still don't know if that's true, 'cause I can't get tired of gazing at you

Once back in the past
Two young hearts met at this old crossroad
A simple fling that grew to last
True feelings shared, deep words left untold

As I sought Paradise, you tried to act colder
And live real life, while I meant to be bolder
Not merely go with the flow

Although time seemed on our side
Too many dreams had to be postponed
We saw our future open wide
But wishes clashed, and some glow was gone

Tough ordeals we endured, our will sometimes faded
Life's lessons were hard, brought us down, drawn and jaded
Not that long ago... it surely forced us to grow

The times I tried
To reach you thru the mists of Avalon
I know you cried
It seemed then we would never get along

Could I be
That knight in shining armour you adore
Who would set you free
And promise to you: «tears, no more!»?

As Fall arrives, bringing shades of gray
We're two of a pair, I always believed
Sleepless nights have gone by, all those tears paid away
Could it be otherwise? What would we have achieved?

But the sparkle's still alive, our love's even stronger
I know we can strive, and our bonds will last longer
You're simply the one I couldn't resist
My gem to be rescued from amidst the mist
Life we share has its own sweet perfume
Even when it seems we're out of tune

Sometimes I try
To remember when we used to ride to the shore
How you wish you could fly
Over the ocean, once more

As years go by
It seems like my armour's not shining anymore
For you and I
Fought demons and dragons, before

When our dreams entwine
Fate can never stop us, I know that since yore
If our wills combine
How bright can future be? I ignore

So, let's just be free
And trust one another when feelings are sore
We deserve some glee
We've lost battles but can win this war

If we decide
We will hold on, though this struggle seems endless
Then side by side
I know we can be brave and fearless

Because, you see
We've conquered many fears and tore down so many doors
For you and me
Always fight to prevail evermore!

Album: "Ignition"

Words: BM
Music: BM


How the hell did it end so bad?
Won't you tell me?
Where did they go, the plans we had?
It matters to me

I don't know how it hurt you
It hurt me

Take a step into this darkness that has always been around my heart... broken ever since we've been apart
But don't be scared
My demons belong to me
They will haunt no one else

Cast adrift on my darkest side
In a daze of madness
Caught in a tangled web of sin
Deprived of all my pride

I don't know what changed in you
But it changed me

Welcome to this pitch-black darkness

I guess you're not the WYSIWYG kind
The simple truth shouldn't be so hard to find
But never mind
I will find somebody else
To keep my dreams alive

Eventually my heart will mend
When I have realized
That I can move on again

And break the spell you cast
We started all too fast
It was never meant to last
We've always walked on different paths

And now you're in the past

I'm burning down that bridge at last

Album: "Ignition"

Words: LA
Music: LA


Underneath dark skies
Caught by stormy weather
Seems I'm doomed forever

In a changing world
Feeling all alone
Like it is all over
For me

For another day
Be my guiding light
Say this choice is right

I pray
Forget the things I say
Show me there's a way
To make my life shine bright
With you

The storm was all around me
One could see fear in my eyes
Would I have the will to stay afloat?
It was hard to realize
But the memories I'd kept of you
Were engraved into my mind
und the strength to carry on
In the hope that
I could cross that line
And then all would be fine
Forever in time

I know, it's time to let go
Look around, all is dark, there's no glow
Waters flow around me moving slow
I don't know, just can't find where to go
Don't you think I should really let go?

It's just "survival of the fittest"
in a never ending game
Where the rules seem to be twisted
and there's no one you can blame
Will this anguish ever vanish?
Will we be able to cope?
Some are winners, others vanquished
Will we thrive, keep our will, and move on?
Is there hope?

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